Spokane Water Heater
Repair & Installation

Problems with your Water Heater?

Is your water heater leaking or not properly heating your water? Our experienced technicians are trained to find the problem and repair it as quickly as possible. We’ll take care of your water heater so you can get your hot water back right away.

We’ll diagnose the problem with your water heater, and if it’s an easy fix (under 10 minutes) we’ll take care of it right on the spot! For emergency repairs, a technician will be at your place within 24 hours, guaranteed! For those outside the Spokane area, there may be an extra charge.

Considering a new hot Water Heater?

Our water heater experts can help you with the process! We recommend if you are purchasing a new water heater to consider a tankless water heater. Tankless, or on-demand water heaters are much more energy efficient and will save you money in the long run. Whatever you decide, we can help you with a professional install to ensure everything is set up properly.

There are many benefits to a tankless water heater. For one, it takes up less space, but the biggest benefit is the amount of energy you will be saving. Tankless water heaters heat your water on-demand, only when you are ready to use it. Imagine how much more energy efficient this is compared to keeping 50 gallons of water boiling at all times- even while everyone is sleeping or out of the house. 

Tankless water heater do cost a bit more than a traditional water heater. In the long run though, you are saving money. Tankless hot water heaters are significantly more efficient. They also have a longer lifespan. In some cases, tankless units will last twice as long, saving you the added cost of early replacement.

Another benefit of on demand hot water heaters is they don’t “run out” of hot water. Since the water is being heated on the spot, it can heat as much water as you want or need. You will have no problem with the family taking multiple showers, then running the dishwasher and washing machine. Also, the water is almost instantly hot, no more waiting several minutes for the water to heat up.

This will depend on your personal circumstances, including your family size and budget. You will need to choose a hot water heater that is rated for the correct usage of your household. HVAC 1 can help you choose the best hot water for your home.

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