Spokane Heat Pump
Repair & Installation

Heat Pump Problems?

Our experienced technicians are trained to quickly determine any problems with your heat pump and get your unit up running in no time so you can get back to keeping comfortable.

We’ll diagnose the problem with your heat pump. If it’s an easy fix (under 10 minutes) we’ll take care of it right then and there! In an emergency, a technician will be at your place within 24 hours to fix your heat pump, guaranteed! For those outside the Spokane area, there may be an extra charge.

Considering a new Heat Pump?

Our heat pump experts at HVAC 1 can help you through the process! We’ll ask you some questions about your location, budget, and situation and then give you some choices and recommendations on what type and size of heat pump would be the best choice for you. Here are some benefits of a Heat Pump:

A heat pump can both heat and cool your home, eliminating the need for an air conditioner. In the summer time, you can use your heat pump in cooling mode which is functionally identical to an air conditioner.

A heat pump is more efficient because it does not need to make heat. Rather, it absorbs heat and transfers it to another location. In the winter, a heat pump brings the heat into your house and in the summer it reverses, bringing the heat outside.

New energy efficient heat pumps run at a high efficiciency and are an economical choice that could substantially lower your energy bill. You could also be getting energy rebates! Ask us about details.

Because heat pumps work by moving existing heat, they may have difficulty keeping your home warm if the temperatures are extremely low. Newer systems do a better job at this, but you may still need supplemental heat. Heat pumps can work in tandem with a supplemental furnace to effectively heat your home in extreme temperatures.

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