Spokane Gas Piping
Repair & Installation

Problems with your Gas Piping?

Whatever issues you are having with your gas piping, we can help. Or if you just have questions about the gas piping in your home, we can come take a look.

We’ll diagnose the problem with your gas pipes, and if it’s an easy fix (under 10 minutes) we’ll take care of it right on the spot!  For emergency repairs, a technician will be at your place within 24 hours, guaranteed! For those outside the Spokane area, there may be an extra charge.

Need gas piping for your appliances?

We offer gas piping installation for gas heating systems, fireplaces, outdoor BBQ, gas water heaters, cooking appliances,clothes dryers, and more. If you have equipment that needs gas, we can install the gas piping that connects it to your gas source. Or maybe you need to relocate a gas appliance, we can reroute or extend your gas piping to wherever you need it. Our certified technicians are experienced and can handle any gas piping job.

It is highly recommended that you contact a licensed heating and cooling company, like HVAC1, to do these types of jobs. Gas piping mistakes can have very serious consequences including explosions, injury or death, or destruction to your home. We can take care of the job safely and professionally.

You will need to call your gas company to get gas hooked up at your location. If you don’t have access to gas already, you can get a gas tank brought in. From there, we can connect your gas source to whatever appliances in your home that you need.

This will depend of a few things. Do you already have gas lines in place? Where is your gas supply located in relation to where you need it installed? We will take into account how it is set up as well as how many feet of gas piping you need.

Contact us with your details for a quick estimate on your project.

Are you ready to connect your gas appliances?