Spokane Fireplace
Repair & Installation

Fireplace Problems?

We work with all kinds of fireplaces. Whether you have a gas fireplace or an electric fireplace, we can help you get your fireplace running right away.

We’ll come out to diagnose the problem. If it’s an easy fix (under 10 minutes) we’ll do the repair right then and there! In an emergency, a technician will be at your place within 24 hours to fix your fireplace, guaranteed! For those outside the Spokane area, there may be an extra charge.

Considering a new Fireplace?

Whether you want a fireplace as a primary heat source or a cozy decoration, our fireplace experts at HVAC 1 can help you through the process! We’ll ask you some questions about where you want to put your fireplace, your budget, and situation and then give you some choices and recommendations on what type of fireplace would be the best choice for you. Here are some more things to consider when having a new fireplace installed:

  • Are there rebates for installing fireplaces?

    You may be eligible to receive certain rebates and incentives for switching to a cleaner-burning, more efficient fireplace or stove. Ask us about options when choosing your new fireplace.

  • Pros and Cons of a wood burning stove

    Many people love heating their home with fire wood. On one hand, you are using a sustainable resource that is relatively low cost to heat your home. You aren't relying on an energy company to get warm. And, we all love the cozy feeling of a nice wood fire.
    Unfortunately, on the other hand there are some disadvantages to wood-burning fireplaces. They are not very efficient at heating, they can be a safety hazard, and often fill your home with smoke and pollute the air.

    Whichever way you decide to you with your fireplace, we can help you get a professional install that will be safe and beautiful

  • Why choose a gas fireplace?

    Gas fireplaces are a much more convenient option. You eliminate the work of obtaining, chopping, and storing wood and building a fire each day. A gas fireplace is controlled by a simple flip of a switch or remote control and you have immediate control over the temperature.

    You still get a hot fire without the mess of wood. You can even get a fireplace that looks and feels like a real fire.

  • What kind of maintenance do fireplaces need?

    For safety and performance reasons, you should have your fireplace installed professionally and regularly inspected and maintained. This is good to do every year as the winter season approaches. We can come and take care of your fireplace and ensure it is running it's best and ready to keep you warm and cozy.

Are you ready for a cozy, professionally installed fireplace?